29 July 2020

New paradigms for the sector
The real estate sector will have to look for new challenges and market niches. The expansion of the coronavirus, and its effects on social habits, impose new needs on buyers and tenants looking for housing.
On the other hand, due to the increase in online purchases, the pandemic has produced a great boom in the entire logistics sector, which will probably continue beyond de-escalation. Hence, buildings and land for large distribution platforms can be an investment opportunity in this crisis.
It will also change the way of buying and selling houses and properties through agencies.
The real estate groups seek to approach the client through all the available channels (advertisements, billboards, telephone marketing, social networks …) and accompany them in all phases of the home buying process.
There is also a tendency to digitize in this market (visits to real estate through augmented reality, social networks …). Physical visits to buildings will be accompanied by hygiene and preventive measures.
Even the design and construction of homes could change after the pandemic, trying to prioritize prevention, redefining common areas and designing to minimize users’ contact with surfaces outside their home. In addition to the location of the house, natural light, gardens, telework spaces and balconies and terraces will take on a new role.

Learning from the crisis
It is possible that, as long as there is no vaccine against COVID-19, there are outbreaks, or new contagious diseases appear. Therefore, let us use this experience to be prepared for these new scenarios.
Both tourism and construction are basic sectors in our economy. This pandemic and this crisis will pass, but this “dead time” should be used to improve and innovate in these sectors in which we are specialized.
After the health and economic emergency, changes in the demand for housing could help to achieve a better territorial distribution of the population, improving the problems of emptied Spain.
On the other hand, it would be a shame not to take the opportunity to stop having cities for cars (as we have seen when going for a walk in these times of confinement), and to promote the use of the bicycle and bicycle lanes for commuting. . And if you have to use the car that is preferably electric. Let us use this crisis as an opportunity to renew ourselves, innovate and build a better future

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