28 September 2020

Until September 25, citizens have been able to present proposals, suggestions or alternatives for the drafting of general future planning of Marbella and thus encourage their participation. This would be the main objective. The Progress Report collects, in general terms, the following points:


  • A generic Compact City solution, the strategies of the Polynuclear System based on the “garden city” model.
  • Understanding as residents both the fixed and temporary population.
  • To alleviate the infrastructure deficits of the city, especially in urbanisations.
  • Social homes in those areas where demand requires it.
  •  Increase in R&D, a determining factor for the economic development of the city.
  •  Encourage quality tourism.


The problems and singularity of the urban situation in Marbella due to the existence of 3 general urban planning plans (the 1986 PGOU, the 1998 PDGOU and the 2010 PDGOU),  makes the Progress Report even more important and a priority. The 2010 PGOU states that thousands of homes in Marbella are built against the 1986 PGOU,  and are therefore in an irregular situation. This aspect affects very negatively when buying a home since it generates distrust and uncertainty for the buyer, causing them to go to another city in search of their residence.


Each case will be studied, with security, in order to regularise the urban situation of each building. In the administrative field, the disappearance of the regularisation areas and the urban planning charges of Marbella,  imposed on the owners is sought, depending on the seriousness of the infractions committed in the construction of the irregular buildings, which appeared in the 2010 PGOU. Also to recognize the regularized buildings. Another good news is the execution of cancellation of sentences for licenses and third parties in good faith (art. 108.3 LJCA) and the modification of the term of the compulsory judicial execution of the sentence, which is currently 5 years.

In conclusion, the announcement of the revision of the PGOU of 1986 will bring many benefits for the city of Marbella, and will attract investors and quality tourism.

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